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Exclusive posts, behind the scenes content, and rewards can be yours! Simply support me via Patreon or Ko-fi and help me create comics and books! Tabs for both platforms are featured in the main menu, or you can search for me under the name ARTofMBrookeS. Have a look and see what you'll be contributing to under Projects. Thank you for joining me on this journey - Your support means the world to me!

Website Updates

Read The Bearer Chronicles on Webtoon!

My long-awaited series, The Bearer Chronicles, will begin release on Weboon in 2020! Want to support this project and help me make pages? Ko-fi is a digital tip jar for fans to contribute to pre-set goals. Want to do more and see behind the scenes? Support me via Patreon to gain exclusive content and ensure that I have time away from commissions to work on advancing my comic project! More information and teaser pages can be found under the Projects tab of this web site.