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Demo Reel 2014

This video features select scenes from many of my animations, including (in order shown) Joust!, Dragon Treasure Antiques, Snap!, The Book of the Dead and Field Guide: Allosaurus.

Field Guide: Allosaurus

For this animation, I created an educational "field guide" featuring the Late Jurassic dinosaur, Allosaurus. My husband, Taylor Bartholomew, generously provided the voice over.

The Book of the Dead

This animation illustrates ancient Egyptian funerary texts, and is based on the finest example to survive, the Papyrus of Ani. In order to bring the archaic scrolls of The Book of the Dead to a modern audience, I focused on a museum-like approach to education.

Dragon Treasure Antiques

An overview of a building I created in Maya.


An Adobe Flash animation that stars a young colt trying to accomplish his dreams. Unfortunately, this animation is unfinished due to a harddrive failure.


Cell animation drawn by hand with ink and colored pencils on watercolor paper.